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The UM Academies provide immersive academic programs open to students who are currently in grade 9, 10, or 11 (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors). Students select one course (non-credit) to study over the two-week session. Courses meet both morning and afternoon in an engaging, experiential academic setting.

Program Dates:
Saturday, July 6 - Friday, July 19, 2019. 

Find our course listings below:

Business Academy – An Entrepreneurship Crash Course

Shark Research Academy 

Please note, courses are subject to change. UM reserves the right to limit enrollment, and/or cancel any course. 

Business Academy – An Entrepreneurship Crash Course (Non-Credit)

SSA 103. Business Academy – An Entrepreneurship Crash Course. Non-Credit. 
In partnership with The Launch Pad at the University of Miami, this course is designed to expose students to the world of entrepreneurship, understand the fundamentals of business, and explore the ideas around startups.

Students will learn the core concepts of design thinking, problem identification, innovation, customer development and best practices for problem solving. Guided by in-house and community experts, students will engage in project-based, experiential learning. 

Students will also be trained on project management and exposed to cutting-edge digital tools to help students organize their ventures, prototype solutions and market their ideas. Students will be able to walk away with a skillset and mindset that will benefit their critical thinking in any professional area or career.

Students will interact with Launch Pad staff, venture consultants, alumni and guest experts. At the end of two weeks, students are presented with a University of Miami Academy Certificate. Instructor(s): Brian Breslin, Samantha Palmer-Shields 

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Shark Research Academy (Non-Credit)

SSA 105. Shark Research Academy. Non-Credit. 
In partnership with the University of Miami Shark Research & Conservation Program, the Shark Research Academy conducts cutting-edge shark research while inspiring scientific literacy and environmental ethics in youth through unique hands-on field research experiences.

This program assesses the ecology and ecosystem effects of the ocean’s top predators, evaluating the ecology and biology of sharks in relation to urbanization and climate stressors. Research activities include shark abundance surveys, tagging, and tracking, as well as physiological sampling and associated laboratory analyses.

The project allows students to gain research training and engage in scientific inquiry through participation with University of Miami scientists and staff. Participation involves scientifically sound practices and measurable outcomes in marine conservation biology.  

The Shark Research Academy is composed of both boat-based and laboratory research work at the University of Miami. As citizen scientists, students earn 30 community service hours. At the end of two weeks, students are presented with a University of Miami Academy Certificate and a community service letter from UM Shark Research.

There will be opportunities for open water swimming and snorkeling. Students interested in this program must be comfortable swimming and treading water in the ocean. This course provides the perfect opportunity for students to explore interests in marine conservation, marine biology and pre-vet studies. Instructor(s): Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, Stephen Cain

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