Summer 2022 Remote Program

Summer 2022 Remote Program
Summer 2022 Remote Program

We are committed to providing our precollege students with an engaging and interactive remote learning experience. The remote experience will provide our high school students the opportunity to explore their academic interests, while maintaining the academic quality standards of the University. The program will continue to present our students with opportunities to engage with the University community through student panels, undergraduate admission workshops, study breaks, and social activities.

Find our remote course offerings* below for the Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program and the UM Academies Two-Week Non-Credit Program.

*Please note, courses are subject to change. UM reserves the right to limit enrollment, and/or cancel any course. 

Summer Scholars Remote | Three-Week Credit Program

As one of the nation's most active research universities, the University of Miami specializes in innovative thinking and great teaching – a combination that is showcased in the Summer Scholars Program. Learn remotely from distinguished University of Miami faculty in your field of interest, and study in classes that connect classroom ideas and interactive learning in one of our exciting summer college programs. This three-week, credit program is open to students completing grades 10 or 11. 

Academic Specialties
Students select one academic specialty from UM's schools and colleges. Each academic specialty consists of two courses for a total of 6 credit hours. Courses are structured around lectures, open discussion, lab work and guest lecturers. Classes are held daily, Monday through Friday. Morning class is from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m EST and afternoon class is from 1:30 - 5:00 p.m. EST.

Program Dates
Sunday, July 3 - Friday, July 22, 2022

Communication and Media

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  • Filmmaking and Storytelling – 6 Credit Hours

    Create a movie by taking on the role of a screenwriter, director, actor and editor. Students enroll in CCA 294 and CCA 151.

    CCA 294. Introduction to 3D Character Design, Motion Capture and Augmented Reality. 3 Credit Hours. Remote Instruction.
    This course introduces the skills real game and interactive artists use daily to create 3D characters and environments. This would help students master the skills and techniques they need to excel in the competitive games and augmented reality industry which would include how to create a 3D game model using a concept design as a guide, prepare the 3D model for texture mapping, master the character rigging process, from setting up a skeleton to preparing blend shapes. This course would also cover motion capture, the technique of isolating the movement of a real person and applying it to a computer-generated character. Finally, students will add their designed and animated 3D characters to real-time video recordings of their surroundings using Augmented Reality apps on their mobile devices.

    School of Communication | Dept. of Cinema & Interactive Media | Instructor(s): Prof. Ali Habashi

    CCA 151. Introduction to Digital Production and Mobile Filmmaking. 3 Credit Hours. Remote Instruction.
    Students will learn the fundamental principles of cinematography, lighting, editing, audio recording, and story development through lecture, discussion, screenings, online workshops, and cinematic projects. We will focus on both technical aspects and aesthetic principles of filmmaking using a variety of professional applications on smartphones. Throughout the class, students will critique shared work to develop analytical skills and enhance the quality of class film projects. Students will learn the visual language of film, and how to tell stories visually.

    CCA151- Introduction to Digital Production and Mobile Filmmaking from CIM-AH on Vimeo.

    School of Communication | Dept. of Cinema & Interactive Media | Instructor(s): Prof. Ali Habashi

    Maximum enrollment: 15
    Prerequisites(s): 9th and 10th grade English

Healthcare and Medicine

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  • Infectious Diseases and Public Health – 6 Credit Hours

    Study public health principles and discover how our immune system works. Students enroll in BPH 200 and MIC 100.

    BPH 200. Introductory Public Health. 3 Credit Hours. Remote Instruction.
    This course is a survey of the basic principles of public health. Topics that will be covered include an overview of the public health field and population health approach, evidence-based practice, health policy and ethics, communicable and non-communicable disease concepts and trends, the healthcare system and public health institutions, the physical and built environment, and various other topics that influence the health of populations.

    School of Nursing and Health Studies | Instructor(s): Dr. Ashley Falcon

    MIC 100. Introduction to Microbiology. 3 Credit Hours. Remote Instruction.
    This is an introductory microbiology course for the summer scholars program. Microorganisms are in every facet of our lives and make up a microscopic world. Right now, your body is inhabited by over 40 trillion bacteria. Due to the evolution of our immune systems, we have been able to coexist with this world. It is when our immune systems weaken or when our otherwise healthy immune system encounters a particularly nasty pathogen that we become vulnerable. This course will cover the topics of how our immune system works, how microbial pathogens cause disease, how beneficial microbes protect us from disease, and some of the other activities perform that impact our world. The laboratory aspect of the course will provide you with invaluable knowledge in growing, staining, viewing and identifying microorganisms through the use of practical techniques and procedures. A Zoom presentation of your “unknown organism” will culminate what you have learned.

    College of Arts and Sciences | Dept. of Microbiology | Instructor(s): Prof. Roger WilliamsDr. Kurt Schesser, Dr. Mathias Lichtenheld

    Maximum enrollment: 30
    Prerequisites(s): Biology and one other lab science

UM Academies Remote | Two-Week Non-Credit Program

The UM Academies provide immersive academic programs open to students who are currently in grade 9, 10, or 11 (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors). Students select one course (non-credit) to study over the two-week session. Courses meet both morning and afternoon in an engaging, experiential academic setting.  Classes are held daily, Monday through Friday. Morning session is from 9:30 a.m. - noon. EST and afternoon session is from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST.

Program Dates
Sunday, July 3 - Friday, July 15, 2022 


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  • Business Academy: A Crash Course in Entrepreneurship (Non-Credit)

    SSA 103. Business Academy – An Entrepreneurship Crash Course. Non-Credit. Remote Instruction.
    This course is designed to expose students to the world of entrepreneurship, understand the fundamentals of business, and explore the ideas around startups. 

    Students will learn the core concepts of design thinking, problem identification, innovation, customer development and best practices for problem solving. Guided by in-house and community experts, students will engage in project-based, experiential learning.  

    Students will also be trained on project management and exposed to cutting-edge digital tools to help students organize their ventures, prototype solutions and market their ideas. Students will be able to walk away with a skillset and mindset that will benefit their critical thinking in any professional area or career. 

    Instructor(s): Samantha Palmer-Shields

    Maximum enrollment: 25 

Please check back for the latest Summer 2022 remote course offerings.

Students and Parents Share their Experiences with the Summer Scholars Remote Program!

"It was an amazing experience! I was truly able to see what college life is like even though we had to go remote. I have met lifelong friends and for that I am forever thankful."
Polina L. | Neuroscience & Public Health | Student | New Jersey | 2020 Remote Program

"The University of Miami Summer Scholars Program lived up to its reputation and provided an incredible experience for my rising senior to understand college life and to have a foundational understanding of a career in architecture. I strongly endorse this program and will recommend it to others."
Adam G. | Explorations in Architecture 
| Parent | New Jersey | 2020 Remote Program 

"The Summer Scholars Program gave me the opportunity to see first hand what college life is like at UM. I learned how to manage my time, develop good relationships with professors, take any opportunity that came my way, and so much more. It gave me a look into what my future would look like in the marine biology field during and after college. Because of the program, I fell in love with what the University of Miami has to offer."
Julia B. | Tropical Marine Biology with Shark Ecology & Conservation 
| Student | Illinois | 2020 Remote Program  

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