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UM Administered Summer Programs

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  • Does the University of Miami administer the Summer Scholars Program and UM Academies ?

    Yes – The Summer Scholars Program and the UM Academies are administered by UM's Division of Continuing and International Education. We are the University of Miami's Pre-College office offering courses for college credit (Summer Scholars Program) and experiential non-credit courses (UM Academies). Our courses are developed and offered by UM's 11 schools and colleges, and taught by UM faculty and instructors.

    We have a long history developing and managing a pre-college experience for high school students – UM established the Summer Scholars Program in 1991.

  • How do I know if a summer program is administered by UM?

    Choosing a pre-college program can be challenging to navigate, as there are many options available. Most important, it's about finding the right fit, academically and socially, for the student.

    Most universities and colleges offer pre-college programs. While many summer youth programs are hosted on college campuses, they are not administrated by the university or college where their program is being offered. For instance, programs operated by external organizations might describe themselves as "@ the University of Miami." Such programs typically contract with the university's conference housing to rent on-campus housing, classroom, and lab space, while supplying their own instructors.

    For information on University of Miami summer programs visit:


    If you are unsure if a summer program is administered by the University of Miami, we recommend that you reach out to the program directly for information on their relationship with the University.

Application Process

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  • Can I select more than one academic specialty?

    Students can select up to two (2) academic specialties they would like to apply and be considered for. However, they will only be selected for one (1). Students in the three-week Summer Scholars Program will be enrolled in two (2) pre-assigned courses for their academic specialty; students in the two-week UM Academies will be enrolled in one (1) pre-assigned course for their academic specialty.

    More information regarding academic specialties and course offerings can be found here.

  • I’ve already taken one of the courses listed in my academic specialty. Can I swap it for another course?

    Unfortunately, we cannot swap courses between academic specialties. If you are unsure about which academic specialty you should pursue, please contact our Enrollment Advisors at 305-284-4000.

  • Will students need to purchase textbooks for class?

    No – textbooks and instructional materials are provided to students by the program. Most textbooks are in a digital format.

  • What is the class schedule and how are classes structured?

    Courses consist of lectures and are designed to be interactive. Courses can include guest speakers, open discussion, lab work, field studies, and excursions. For class schedules visit Campus Life >

  • What is the time commitment? Should we expect course work outside of classes?

    Students enrolled in the Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program should expect coursework and homework assignments outside of class (during evenings and on weekends). Summer Scholars are enrolled in college level courses. They will take two 3-credit courses which meet daily, Monday--Friday. Students will have outside-of-class assignments to include: reading texts, preparing lab exercises and reports, writing research papers, developing presentations, and preparing for exams. 

    Additionally, please be aware that class attendance is mandatory and will be reflected in the students' grade.

    Credit courses are graded and students will have an official student record at UM, which includes classes taken, credits earned, grades earned, and grade point average (semester average and cumulative average). This information will become part of the student's permanent record at the University of Miami.

    While the UM Academies Two-Week Non-Credit courses are not credit bearing and students are assessed on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scale. Students should expect outside-of-class projects/assignments (evenings and weekends) to include reading texts, preparing lab exercises and reports, and working on group/individual projects and presentations. 

    We strongly encourage ALL students to refrain from additional commitments outside of the Summer Scholars and UM Academies Programs (summer classes, work, internships, outside activities) for the duration of the program (this includes not scheduling medical appointments during class time, as attendance is mandatory).

    For class schedules visit Campus Life >

  • Do students earn academic credit?

    Students enrolled in the Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program earn letter grades based on a 4.0 scale and college credit. Their grades will be part of their official record at the University of Miami.

    Students in the UM Academies Two-Week Non-Credit Program are assessed on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scale.

  • Can I transfer my University of Miami credits to other universities or colleges?

    Students can petition to transfer their UM credits to other universities and colleges. Students can obtain an official transcript (fee applies) from the Office of the University Registrar to be mailed to the institution that will apply the credit. Transcripts can also be ordered through the student's CaneLink account. More information >

    Note: it is the student's responsibility to keep course syllabi and graded work, as the receiving institution will often request these materials. It is the sole discretion of the receiving institution to accept and apply credits. 

Tuition & Fees

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Student Life

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  • What is CaneLink and when do I access it?

    CaneLink is the University's Student Information System (SIS). Students will be sent information on how to access CaneLink if they've been accepted in the Pre-College Summer Program and secured their spot by submitting their nonrefundable enrollment deposit. Returning Pre-College students should not access CaneLink until that time.

    CaneLink is used to make tuition and fee payments only (the enrollment deposit must be submitted through the Pre-College Status Portal). Tuition and program fees will be posted to the student's CaneLink account beginning in April.

    Students also use CaneLink to view their course schedule, course grades (at the end of the term), unofficial transcript, and to request an official transcript.

  • Who can assist me if I cannot remember my Cane ID or password?

    For issues with your CaneID or password, the student should contact the University of Miami IT Help Desk at (305) 284-6565, select option 1.

Grades and Transcripts for Summer Scholars Alumni

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  • What does the student's official record consist of at the University of Miami?

    Students enrolled in the Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program will have an official student record at UM, which includes classes taken, credits earned, grades earned, and grade point average (semester average and cumulative average). This information is part of the student's permanent record at the University of Miami.

    Grades earned during the program will be included in the calculation of the student's overall academic record should they attend the University as an undergraduate student.

  • How can I order a transcript to send to another college/university?

    Official transcripts (fee applies) are ordered online:

    1. Via the student's CaneLink account 
    2. Through the Office of the University Registrar. Students can order transcripts online from the Office of the University Registrar by clicking on 'Alumni and Former Students' 


    Students who order transcripts must specify at the time they place the order if they would like for the transcript to be held until grades and/or degrees are posted.  Otherwise, the transcript will be processed immediately, regardless of whether or not the grades or degree conferral are posted on the official transcript. Read more >

    It is recommended to request official transcripts one month prior to the application deadline of the college/university to which you are applying.

UM Undergraduate Admissions

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