Merit Scholarship

Application Deadline March 1
The Merit Scholarship Application is closed for Summer 2019.

SSP Merit Scholarship 

The SSP Merit Scholarship recognizes high achieving high school sophomores and juniors with awards up to $500. Limited scholarship funding is available to eligible applicants applying for the three-week Summer Scholars Program for college credit*.

To be considered, both the Summer Scholars Program Application and the SSP Merit Scholarship Application must be submitted by the scholarship deadline.

Merit Scholarship Application Process - Step by Step

1. Submit the Summer Scholars Program Application 
Before you apply for the Merit Scholarship, you are required to submit the Summer Scholars Program Application online. Please note there is a $75 nonrefundable application fee. Apply Here

2. Complete the Merit Scholarship Application 
Upload your essay with your online application, responding to the following writing prompt: Why should you be considered for the SSP Merit Scholarship? (minimum 300 words) Apply Here

3. Application Deadline: March 1 
Both the Summer Scholars Program Application and the Merit Scholarship Application must be submitted by the scholarship deadline – March 1 – to be considered. Students who receive at least one of the following benefits will be eligible to apply for the Merit Scholarship

Contact Us

If you have questions about the application process, please call us at (305) 284-4000, or email us at

Please note, scholarship information and application processes are subject to change.

Scholarships cannot be combined with any other discount or tuition grant. If a student is eligible for multiple forms of financial assistance, then the student will be deemed eligible for the singular form of financial assistance providing the greatest benefit to the student.

*The Merit Scholarship does not apply to the UM Academies – Two-Week, Non-Credit Program.