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Latest information on COVID-19
As part of the University of Miami’s proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to prioritize the health and safety of our community and the broader communities we serve, the Summer Scholars Program and the UM Academies will be offered in a remote format in summer 2020. This decision was made to reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus and guided by the recommendations of leading health officials.

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Still accepting applications for the Summer Scholars 2020 Remote Program and the UM Academies 2020 Remote Program.

The Summer Scholars Program is for high achieving high school students who are active in their communities, leaders in their schools, and examples of integrity. 

Summer Scholars: Three-Week, Credit Program Eligibility

Individuals should be self-motivated and prepared to study an academic discipline in a rigorous scholarly program, while earning college credit.
  • Completed sophomore or junior year of high school
  • Grade point average of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Guidance counselor recommendation
  • Official high school transcript(s)
  • Personal essays

UM Academies: Two-Week, Non-Credit Program Eligibility 

Business & Entrepreneurship Academy, Shark Research Academy

  • Completed freshman, sophomore or junior year of high school
  • Grade point average of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Guidance counselor recommendation
  • Official high school transcript(s)
  • Personal essays

If you are an international applicant, follow our international admissions guide.

Summer Scholars Program Application Process – Step by Step

The following application is for both the Summer Scholars Three-Week, Credit Program and the UM Academies Two-Week, Non-Credit Program. To apply to the Intensive English Two-Week, Non-Credit Academy click here >

1. Create your account online

Create a new account or log in using your email address.

2. Apply online – select Summer Scholars Online Application

Get started on your application. Save your application progress and return any time to continue where you left off. You are encouraged to apply early – review the application deadline schedule.

3. Select your Academic Specialty on your application

Select your first program preference and second program preference from the drop-down list on the application. If your program is not listed, select "other" and write your program in the box. 

4. Include two essays with your online application

Upload two essays with your online application, answering the following questions:

Essay 1 (minimum 300 words) Why are you interested in participating in the Summer Scholar Programs, and how will participation help you achieve your future goals?

Essay 2 (minimum 300 words) choose from the following prompts:

  • If you were to travel to the past or future, what year would you travel to and why? 
  • If you were invited to give an important speech (ex. Speak at the White House; United Nations; Commencement; etc.). Identify your audience and write your speech. 
  • If you could stop one invention from being invented, what would it be and why?
5. Submit your Teacher and Guidance Counselor recommendation requests online

Enter the information for your Teacher and Guidance Counselor recommenders. Once the recommendation request has been submitted, they will receive an email with a link to fill out the recommendation form.

Please note, the Teacher Recommendation should be completed by a current or recent high school teacher, preferably from a teacher that is closely related to the academic specialty your are applying to.

6. Submit your application and pay application fee

A $75 nonrefundable application fee is required when you submit your application online. Before submitting your nonrefundable application fee, please review program tuition and fees.

7. Set up your CaneLink account

After you submit your application online, you will be sent an email with your Cane ID and a temporary password to log into CaneLink, the University of Miami student information system. Access your CaneLink account to monitor your application status and track the receipt of important application documents, including transcripts and letters of recommendation.

8. Send Transcript(s) to the Summer Scholars Program office

Send your official high school transcript(s) and most recent report card by email to the Summer Scholars Program office to

Please send transcripts and grade reports by email as we are currently working and processing applications remotely.  

High school registrars can send transcripts by email to

9. Contact Us

If you have questions about the application process, contact an Enrollment Advisor in partnership with Summer Discovery at (516) 621-3939. 

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